The first Naracamicie collection, which was launched in 1984, had just 40 styles. Today the brand designs over 230 different items for each season.

But how is a Naracamicie shirt made? What are its sources of inspiration?

A special fabric found in a flea market, people on the street, fashion magazines, a painting at a gallery: these are just some of the inspirations behind the ideas for new collections. As our Style Department says, Curiosity is the real secret to our success.

Sometimes it takes just five minutes to design a style, but Nara’s creative team is always in search of new ideas, and many changes may be made before the final garment is produced. It takes twenty minutes to sew a classic cotton shirt, but it can even take more than an hour when it is embellished with ruffles, a jabot, layered fabrics, double collars, and luxurious appliqués.

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