14 oct 2018

Partnership with Braun

Naracamicie, historic Italian brand, a leader in the shirt industry, has been selected by Braun as a collaborator for the presentation of the new CareStyle Compact, a new ironing system which is “twice faster, half large” than any other before. The partnership started on Wednesday 10th October with an event at Naracamicie store in Corso Buenos Aires, Milan: the “godmother” of the event was Carla Gozzi, Italy’s most famous style coach.

16 mar 2018

New look in Genova

The restyling of NaraCamicie stores restarts from Genova and, during the next month, it will give a new look to the Italian shops.

20 jun 2017

Afrodite Award 2017

NaraCamicie is the sponsor for a special evening in Rome totally in pink in which the woman of Italian jet-set are the protagonists.

27 apr 2017

Ciao Medellìn!

NaraCamicie arrives in Colombia and opens a new store in Medellín.

9 jul 2016

“Eccellenze mazaresi” Award

Il Canto del Marrobbio – a cultural association active in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, for the events promotion – rewarded the last 9th of July our stylist Mario Pellegrino like one of the “Excellences of Mazara del Vallo”.

14 apr 2016

Welcome to the biggest mall of Italy

NaraCamicie opens a new store at “Il Centro” in Arese, the bigget mall of Italy!

4 feb 2016

A new look

Our store in Via Montenapoleone, the most important street of Milan fashion system, has a new look.

1 jan 2014

30 years of success

Naracamicie celebrates 30 years of success by producing a limited edition with 6 Italian silk organza blouses.

1 jan 2014

First boutique in Australia

Naracamicie lands in Australia and opens its first boutique in Sydney.

1 jan 2010

Middle East

2010 – 2011Naracamicie consolidates its distribution network in the Middle East by opening stores in Teheran, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Doha.

1 jan 2009

25 years of Naracamicie

Naracamicie celebrates its 25th anniversary by opening new boutiques in Italy and abroad in Lisbon, Prague, Antwerp and La Valleta.

1 jan 2001

The russian adventure begins

Naracamicie’s Russian adventure begins: the first store beyond the Ural Mountains is inaugurated.

1 jan 2000

Naracamicie gets renewed

Naracamicie remodels its stores: the décor is sleek and minimalist to showcase the product.

1 jan 2000

“Io sono nata con la camicia, loro no!” campaign

Naracamicie launches a charity campaign “Io sono nata con la camicia, loro no!” in cooperation with Unicef and with top model Alek Wek as celebrity testimonial.

1 jan 1990

Nara maglie

Nara Maglie is launched, the brand extension for men’s and women’s knitwear.

1 jan 1985

Nara Idee

Nara Idee is launched, a brand extension for accessories (ties, bowties, cravats, scarves).

1 jan 1985

Naracamicie expands abroad

Naracamicie expands abroad and opens its first boutiques in Tokyo, Athens and New York.

16 jan 1984

The launch

Naracamicie is established. The first store is on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, a point of reference for the entire sales network.